Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wednesday Night 5K plus a bit

My friend KS wanted to run 5 miles tonight, so we tried to fit 2 miles in before the free 5K on the trail, but ran out of time. I think we went about 1.3 making it all a grand total of around 4.4 miles.

There were about twice as many people there tonight as the first time Greg and I ran it. Most people left us in the dust (not Greg, just me and my friend). Our first mile was 9:30 and I was feeling great. Seemed like we slowed down a little by the turn-around. Then KS had to pee, badly enough that she had to walk. She waved me ahead so I went ahead and finished. Turns out she had only had around 600 calories today, and kind of bonked. That will do it.

We're going to try to run 5 Saturday. I think she really wants the 5 mile monkey off her back before this 10K we're doing in August. I'm going to suggest we go out painfully slow so we can just finish it, running the entire time, and not worry about our overall time. Every other 5 mile attempt has ended early because I think we start out too fast for her to continue that long.

And after a hopefully successful 5 miles with her, I'm going to run 4 to 5 more to get 9 or 10 in!

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