Saturday, July 18, 2009

Third Long Run

Twelve miles... no problem, thanks to breaking up the distance with a friend and absolutely gorgeous weather. In the spirit of making this blog more interesting, I've added photos. It's also a nice distraction while I'm running, thinking about what I can take a picture of, even if it's not all that interesting. We all liked picture books when we were kids.

First, I tried to get the dogs to wish me luck this morning, get some support and love from them.

Dexter looks terrified for me. They weren't interested in the camera, and instead decided to play.

I was meeting Krista in Blue Ash, near the golf course, and we were planning to run part of the Lady's Distance Classic 10K race course that we are doing in August... get a flavor for the hills. So I parked on the corner in a random little lot, which had this warning.

Then I ran 4 miles solo and slowly. I averaged 11:15 pace I think. Right as I was returning to my car, Krista was pulling in, so it was perfect timing. We started out the way I had come from, did a loop, and then ran out and back to total 5 miles. There were a couple of beastly hills. One we ran down, which wasn't all that great feeling for my legs at this point. The other we ran up and it sucked. Conversation stopped but resumed at the traffic light after it was over. The race covers this hill and more, so it's not going to be easy.

Not on the race course, but I ran past it today: the Blue Ash Airport.

On the race course and I ran past multiple times today: the Blue Ash Golf Course with very cool sky.

After 5 miles and good conversation, we said our goodbyes and I turned around to do a loop we had already done (which included the beastly hill). I only had 3 more miles and was hoping I could run through this neighborhood and reach 3 before the mondo hill if I covered every cul de sac possible. I did run down nearly every cul de sac, but was only at 11.5 when I reached Mount Stupidhill. I tried to run it, but my legs were tanked. So I clicked off my watch, walked it, and then clicked my watch back on when I resumed running to finish the last half mile.

While Krista and I ran, my GPS average pace showed 10:55. At the end of 12, the average was 11:08. So I started slow, was speedier in the middle, and ended slow. It seemed to work out just fine.

I was so happy I did 12 and felt so good!! See how happy??


Butch said...

Well, I painted, patched some blemishes in the dining room and built another paper towel holder for the shop in the basement in a little over 2 hours. I didn't even break a sweet.

Do you think Greg would like a PT holder?

Mom said...

you look really good considering you ran that much. I am impressed.
Also, the pics are a nice ad on.

Anonymous said...

Way to master the whole "hold camera at arms length and take self portrait" thing


Erin said...

That golf practice area "park at your own risk" is just around the corner from where I grew up!