Thursday, August 6, 2009

20 Mile Bike Ride

All day I couldn't wait to go on a 20 mile bike ride after work. I haven't gone that far in a long time and was going to up it a bit. I was really looking forward to it... until it was time to go. Maybe my sudden bad mood set the tone of the ride, or maybe my body knew something I didn't. Either way, the ride wasn't very good.

I realized when I got to the trail I had a monster headache. I almost hit a toad (that would have been gross). I just never felt right, it felt really hard to go a decent speed (what I perceived to be a decent speed anyway– I still need to fix my cyclometer). I never got comfortable on the saddle and I was soooo thirsty the entire time because I didn't drink enough during the day. I got to 10 miles out and gladly turned around. With about 9 miles to go, I hit a HUGE hole on the trail. It jolted me and I slipped off my seat a little, but didn't wreck. Luckily I was already going kind of slow due to a bad series of root repairs in the asphalt that have all bumped back up again. My eyes were glued to the pavement and I still missed seeing this dumb hole. All the force I hit it with went straight into my palms and it hurt. I looked back at the hole and noticed there was a faint orange paint on it. Guess it's time to put some fresh paint on it. I think my bike is OK. I haven't inspected it yet, but the rim still seemed to be perfectly round from what I could tell while riding back.

So, in general a poopy ride, and I'm not used to having poopy rides. I've never wanted a ride to be over before. (OK, maybe that's not true... I can think of a certain duathlon where I accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up on the Oly course rather than the Sprint course and couldn't wait to be done!)

I think I should go to bed early tonight - my body's trying to tell me something.

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