Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Book About Runners' First Marathons

Today I bought myself a half-way-there marathon present:

I've been looking for a book that just has interesting stories about running in general. It is the every day stories about running that I'm interested in. Not training plans or a bunch of numbers and formulas and how to get fast... just pure running. I have seen some while perusing the running section of bookstores in the past, but have never bought. Typically in magazines like Runner's World and Running Times there are only a few snippets of material that fit into this category – just enough to make me want to read more. First Marathons has stories from 37 different people recounting their first marathons. Some are elites and some are just every day people, so I think it will be very interesting and inspiring. And a good way to keep me focused these next few weeks.

Maybe after the marathon I'll write my own story... if it's interesting. If not that, I do think I should write an entry about why I run.

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Butch said...

I know someone that could be your ghost writer if you give her the info and then you could do the illustrations inside as well as the cover and back. I'm serious. A lot of people look for these types of books, the ones without all the techno fact thing going on.

One of the best books I have read about my favorite car (you know the one) was written by a contributing editor and was about his buying and restoring of said car. It didn't talk about how many bolts or their sizes. It was even humourous for the most part. Light would probably be a better term. You have humour you could input about running, riding, stopping and dropping, that's funny. Sore hips, elbows and wrists aren't but you just leave that part out. I can see a sketch now.

Linda Greenlaw's books are good like this too.

I hope you do it. Again, seriously.