Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hump Day Run

I'm getting over a cold and haven't been sleeping all that well, so I didn't expect my run today to be all that stellar. I waited until I was nice and awake after doing some work before I changed and headed out the door into the bright sunshine. The weather was cool in the shade, but the sun really beat down on me in a couple of open parts.

Somehow I managed a 10:00 mile pace for 4.75 miles that felt like I was going 11:00 miles. Not because it was easy, but it felt like I was crawling. Not sure why I was so off on my judgment. Maybe my stride was just longer than usual.

I realized today that I am so glad running is back in my life. It is kind of like that fun side project that you always want to do, and that I get to work on every day (or almost every day). It is a constant – no matter what else is going on, the running is the same... be it a good run or a bad run. Even that is a constant: there will always be good runs and bad runs and runs that are just done. Right now that is a nice thing to know.

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E-Speed said...

It is a nice constant to have for sure.