Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3 More Miles, It's Starting to Feel Normal Again

I ran 3 miles in the 60º weather last night after work. It was great! I was really really tired though, and my body let me know it. It was windy and I was definitely struggling. But it felt good to struggle even, and good to get that body feedback that running allows. I knew I was tired, but it was nice to have the communication with my running self again.

We will hopefully be starting our track nights again soon! I can't wait. I will have to take it easy at first, but I look forward to it. Maybe this year we can get more people to come out...and have shirts!

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Casey said...

YEAH!!!!! I'm sure it feels good to push yourself again. hopefully I will be more comfortable running again soon. We'll just have to see what Mr. Malloy thinks.