Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Nice Weather

Friday after work I ran about 2.5 miles with Krista. It was rough for some reason – we blamed it on being the end of the week. We did chat though - that is the first run I've done, well, since the last time I ran with Krista I suppose, that I talked with someone while running. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it on this blog before, but I really enjoy running with other people. I value solo runs too. But it is just so pleasant to be running side by side with someone, chatting about your days or thoughts all in a very carefree manner that the running creates.

Saturday I got up, made some eggs, then drove over to my studio where my bike still was and went for a 16 mile ride on the trail. The day was absolutely gorgeous.
A view from the bridge... blue sky, trees are still bare

When I left the house, the temp was 48º... so I thought maybe I needed something more on my legs. So I opted for my broomball socks. Then only my knees and a little more would be exposed to the wind chill! I looked pretty ridiculous, so I snapped a funny picture of myself in the mirror of our lovely in the middle of being remodeled bathroom to send to my friend. I thought I kind of looked like a roller girl, and told her I'd sneer at anyone I passed.
Tearing up the trail it's... Spinnin' Steph!

Another view of the sweet socks while on the bike.

Big helmet head! And nice shades. Where are my orange ones (that I prefer)!!?

My ride was pleasant. It was slightly windy, so that varied my speed a bit. There were so many people out - runners, walkers, lot of dogs, and cyclists. I know our weather can just turn back to being cold any day now, so it was nice to get out and enjoy the sun while it is here.

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