Tuesday, March 23, 2010


After a long day of work on a very dreary Monday, I somehow convinced myself to go on a 3 mile run. Once I got going, things were ok – some sleepiness wore off, my breathing was good. And it's 3 more miles in the bank, pain free :)

I stopped half way through to stretch my calves. My shins were really starting to hurt – I was beginning to get the floppy out of control foot strike because they were so tight. Must be from recent biking. I stretched at this fire hydrant and everything was great for the last 1.5.

Here are Mr. and Mrs. Duck, wadddling away from me as fast as possible.

Today I'm going to go at least 3 more, depending on how I feel. I would like to bike today, but I think the trail is still going to be wet. Plus my back is still really really sore. I need to figure out what that's about. It could be that it's just taking me a bit to get used to riding in the road position again. I can't remember how many rides I did last year with my newly flipped headset. So maybe it's that new position that is giving my back fits. We'll see.

Supposedly the sun is supposed to peak out later today. That would be very welcomed by me. Aside from chilly evenings, the rest of the week looks pretty decent. I'm getting excited thinking about doing some races for fun in the near future.

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Butch said...

Sore back on no explanation.....age.

Your welcome;-)