Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring is Near and Two Miles is Progress!

The last couple of days have been gorgeous. Today is the nicest yet. I've been working like crazy and I've been sick, but both things are finally coming under control again. I hadn't been running because, unfortunately, the sickness was in my chest and that doesn't make for a pleasant run or 2 hours after the run!

However, this past Friday I finished work, headed home and rolled on the foam roller a bit before going out for an easy 1.25 miles. My fresh legs didn't quite take it so easy though. I was excited. I'm not sure how fast I went (not that I ever go really fast) but I went too briskly for the lungs and had a good time coughing afterwords. (Part of me wonders if this will just help get it out of me though.) So Saturday I ran much more conservatively and didn't let my breathing get too hard, which had much better results. And..... I went TWO MILES!!!!! With no signs of pain!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!! 

It's a relief to know that the IT band can actually be controlled. I know I'm not "cured" and will have to work at it for the next months, continuing to take extra care of stretching and rolling every time I run. And I have tried to prepare myself for setbacks that could happen as well. It is so hard to not just go run and run and run. Well, honestly my lungs aren't up for that yet, but mentally it's what I want to do. Like today, I've felt how warm it is outside and long to go for a good leisurely run. But logically I know I should give it a day's rest and go tomorrow. So I'll work on the other things like my exercises and attempts at ending the Weakling Era (i.e. strength training).

I'm ready for spring, and think my body finally is getting there too!

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Butch said...

That's it. Take it easy and it will all come back. Hate to say this because it effects me too, but, you are getting older and it does take a little more time to come back from an injury.