Sunday, March 28, 2010

Run in sunny cold

After a long week I did manage to get out Friday afternoon. It was beautifully sunny out, but kind of windy. I meant to bring a long sleeve shirt, but only had short sleeves and gloves in my bag. But it ended up being OK.

The river is very high and really moving.

This is the wipe the sweat off the eyebrows move with my awesome bright gloves... I can also direct traffic with these gloves, or light my way in the dark. ;)

Monday I am going to try a group ride from Cycle Sport which is just down the street from my work. I am really, really excited! The guy I emailed about it said last time they went 32 miles and averaged 16 mph. I am not ready to go 32 miles, but think I could hang with them at that pace. They stick around the trail so people can find their way back if they want to bail early. It is probably going to be pretty rough, but I am so excited to ride with other people so I'm doing it. I will be sure to post how it goes... yikes!

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