Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 Miles on the 'mill

I went to the gym last night to get in the 5 miles that I was supposed to run over the weekend but couldn't. 5 miles on the dreadmill...how was I going to make it? I had new headphones and Pandora, so I wasn't too worried.

Until my headphones stopped working.

I sweat. A LOT. And the headphones tried and tried to stay in my ears (with the help of me pushing on them about every 10 steps). But, they wouldn't. I took a break and switched out the size nubbies, thinking the smaller ones would go in further and stay put. But those were worse, nothing to grab onto. So, after a mile of fighting with them, and probably entertaining the person next to me, I gave up.

4 more miles...tempo for 3 and 1 cool-down...all without music on a treadmill.

It wasn't helping that the new guy next to me after his warmup decided to start scuffing his feet. Each step produced a squeak.

I did quarter mile repeats at one tempo, then ran a quarter mile at a slower tempo, until I got sick of that. Then I just ran. Then finally I was done.

5...miles...on...a...treadmill. I know there are people who do entire marathon training on treadmills and I have no clue how they make that happen. Though, I must say, if my headphones had stayed in my ears, I would have probably been a lot happier.

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Butch said...

Ear muffs over your buds wrapped with terry cloth.