Friday, January 13, 2012

Spinning in the New Year

Yesterday I went spinning for the first time in the new year...and since I was off between Christmas and New Year's. It was insane. Melanie tried to kill us. She is so awesome though. Her classes are hard, and they're also a bit disorganized. But you walk out of there feeling trained and like you just spent your 45 minutes very well. She somehow makes herself more than just a class leader/instructor. It feels more like she's my trainer.

We did a lot of interval stuff. I have been trying to visualize about actually being on a bike when I'm in her class. She throws out some visualizations: surging up hills passing people, etc. I wonder how applicable spinning is for bike training. I barely got out last year on the road. I am curious how I'll do once spring hits.

I need to do more drawings again! Soon soon!

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