Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spinning and a Little Run

I'm feeling pretty good recently with the workouts. I think part of it is the holiday food is gone, and the holiday bloat is also subsiding. Geesh.

Today I went to the gym with the hopes of running 3 miles easy before spinning. But Mother Nature poured buckets down onto rush hour traffic. I made it there in time to sign up and get a mile in before class.

I saw Erin and we chatted about running a little bit. She used to race. I'm not sure what that means, but she said she raced 5Ks with some kind of club. So I was telling her about how we're planning to do the Heart Mini and the Pig Half, but that I like 5Ks too, I'm just not fast. I don't know, looks like we might do some in the future which would be awesome!

Spinning had a nice break from pop music overload. It was older One Hit Wonder type songs. Mmmm Bop, Tubthumping, Ice Ice Baby, Rapper's Delight, the Macarena, I'm Too Sexy.... That's all I can remember. It was fun. Each new song brought a giggle and smile.

I definitely feel like I'm in training mode now which is nice. I need to adjust my schedule plan and get to work.

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