Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spinning and Yoga Tuesday

Spinning was pretty hard. I was already a bit sore from broomball still, and then the 5 miles took more out of my legs than I thought it would. Probably because I couldn't just run them at a steady pace. I blame the treadmill.

Anyway, it was a new playlist. Stinky perfume woman was there, and I learned her superfluous application of L'eau de Urban bothers others as well as me. We did mostly speedy stuff. Lots of pickups, jumps, and "100 yard dashes". Not much for hills. It was a nice change up. We heard they've added another class on Wednesdays, so that will be nice to have another option. I like the Tuesday - Thursday line up, but options are good. Plus, if it will help getting into classes before they fill up, all the better.

I did yoga in the evening. This is the third class. I'm starting to do the plank without my knees down. Other than that, not much has changed in that world. I noticed a guy in class that had a "Swallow Bike Works" shirt on. That is the new bike shop in Loveland that replaced Cycle Sport. It just recently opened, and this guy's daughter and son-in-law run the shop. I asked him about it, trying to get a feel for what kind of shop it is. He asked me if I was a cyclist and told me about some of the races he does. Didn't get much of a feel for the shop, but he was fun to talk to and I got some ideas about road racing...

Today I'm taking a day off. I feel a bit beat. I can tell my body is acclimating to the workouts, which is great. I hope the weather is decent this weekend so I can get a run in outside.

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