Monday, November 12, 2007

40 minutes!

So I just wanted to see how I'd feel past the 30 minute comfy zone... and 40 minutes wasn't a problem. A SLOW 40 minutes, let's not forget. But I'm happy and it felt good the entire time. The rest of the week I'll probably just do 30 minutes and continue to let my body acclimate. I'm skipping pilates tonight due to work, so I'll have to see about doing some push-ups, or mush-ups which better describes my form, tonight when I get home.

I ran from the studio down to the trail again. It was a gorgeous afternoon. I ran most of the run on the side of the trail in the horse path covered with leaves. I was looking for large piles of horsey-poo. Easy to spot those mounds. However, dog poo is not. Totally uses the leaves for camouflage. I barely missed a fresh looking pile. That would have made for a stinky remaining run.

After talking to Erin today on IM, I decided I'm going to do the Jingle Bell 5K (Erin's going to do it with me). It's a very fun run where you get little bells to wear on your shoes, so the masses sound like a huge sleigh. Some people, of course, take it even farther, dressing as reindeer or wearing sleigh bells. I did this race 2 years ago I think? There was a guy who happened to be my pace wearing a full sized sleigh bell harness, like what you'd put on a horse. It drove me mad. Some people don't like repetitive pen tapping? Or gum cracking? I don't like to hear my steps echoed by a loud obnoxious sleigh bell wearing runner.

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