Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Finally...a run from the studio

I finally got a run in from the studio! This is something I've wanted to do since I've been here so I'm happy!

It was a nice "stroll". Greg probably could have walked beside me as I "ran", but I went for a comfy 30 minutes without stopping, which is all I wanted to do. My weather widget says it is 44ยบ in Loveland, and it certainly was windy. I ran down to the trail, a little on the trail to the first road, and then back. All without stopping, which proves the mental anguish I experience after a mere 5 minutes on the treadmill at the gym is just that- mental. And something else that doesn't happen on the 'mill- I saw a couple of little girls roller blading with their greyhounds in jackets (the entire party in jackets that is) and a couple of girls doing cartwheels outside of a karate studio. Is that what they're called? Karate studios? As I ran past Moondance Design, they were cleaning off their lovely porch of dead plants. They waved and said hi, and the solo, lonely designer in me wanted to shout back, "HI! I'm a graphic designer TOO, and I LOVE this little house you're in and really want my own studio like this some day!!!!" but of course I did not. Instead, I snubbed my nose in envy. :)

Here's to more runs and being back in the routine.
Back to work.

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jamie said...

I'm glad to hear you were able to get out and run--I'm sure that helps clear the mind. Surprised that your weather is so much like ours right now, or maybe even cooler. I guess that's Cincinnati for you!