Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cycling for 60

So at the gym.... LIFETIME FITNESS ~cue thunderclap~ ..... they have "spinning" classes which they call Cycle 60, and Studio Cycle. I assume Spinning must be a trademarked name, not unlike Kleenex, Rollerblades and Google. You need safe replacement words... from: "I think I'll go rollerblading after I google a new route- oh crap my nose is running- quick, give me a kleenex!" to: "I think I'll go in-line skating after I search on the web for a new route- oh crap my nose is running- quick, give me a 2-ply facial tissue!" The same must apply for super-intense-cycling classes that don't use Spinning®™© bikes.

Anyway, I took the Cycle 60 class this morning at 9:45. It's an hour (Cycle 60) and my legs were slightly jelly-like by the end. But more sore than my legs was the tush. My road bike has a women's specific seat, while Lifetime's bikes have nonspecific fit-any-ol'-butt seats. Padded cycling pants were worn to no avail. It's just going to take time and pain.

I really enjoyed the class. I will probably try the Studio Cycle next. It's only 45 minutes, but I've heard it's more intense. There are a lot people from my previous job that belong to this same gym, so I have some resources to get the low-downs on classes. For example, Erin said that since I've missed the past 2 Pilates classes with her, the instructor hasn't made them do the horrible plank exercises that I can't do. So, looks like I'll have to go back to ensure the torture for others.

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