Friday, November 9, 2007

Another 30 minutes

Yay! Another 30 minute comfy run. After I got home last night, I put the dogs outside, changed really quick and headed out the door. It gets dark so early now, I began at dusk but slowly lost the light. I did the "dusk" part first in the neighborhood that butts up against ours and has street lights, then came back onto our street where the lighting was from people's garage lights- some better than others! It was a nice evening. The wind only kicked up in the first neighborhood around the humongous homes.

When I had about .25 left to go back in our neighborhood, a car passed me, then stopped- it was Greg. So he "paced me in"! It was funny - his car creeping along side me as I jogged. We talked about his day and his job and the dogs. I think I was running a bit faster than usual. I've never had a car as a running buddy before!

Dare I say what I plan for the weekend? Another run. Hope that didn't ruin its possibilities of happening.

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dad said...

Wish I could run. Then I would be able to get ready for Tom. In the mean time I will just starve myself for a few days ahead....naw, that wouldn't be fun. I'll just eat less later....naw. Every excuse, no will power. I'll be plump and happy. New news on TV from the medical society, 30#'s over is not obess any more. Not bad for your health. I'm glad they are making up my mind as to whether I should worry or not. Have a great run yesterday or today, whichever it is that you do it again. Did Greg clock you?