Monday, November 12, 2007

Voila! A new closet!

Greg and I now have a huge walk-in closet. It used to be our "third" bedroom. But, if we've made it into a closet, well, that will give you an idea of its size. Huge for a closet. Small for a bedroom.

After I moved so much of my art and graphic stuff over to the studio, that freed up a lot of space in the house. We thought long and hard about how to reorganize our rooms. We never used the 2nd bedroom for a "sitting/reading/drawing" room like it was laid out to be. The fact is when we're not sleeping, we're out in the living room/dining room/kitchen. We've never had enough closet space, so the decision was easy. I'd post pictures but it's really not that exciting. Just some racks and carpet squares. Then we're turning our old closets into other closets like a linen closet and a "miscellaneous" closet. That was our weekend. Closet building. Hopefully improving our fung shooway!I always comment that our house is like one of those sliding picture puzzles: You have to move everything else around in order to get one thing where you want it. Mr. T not included. (awwwww)

No run for me this weekend. :( The days were just long spent doing these freakin' closets, but I'm glad they're done. Saturday night was FRCH's anniversary party (pic below). Fancy shmancy evening fun. And Sunday we got to hang out with Pat while he was in the states for the weekend.

Another day in the 60's! I have my stuff and plan to do a nice fall jaunt out on the trail!

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jamie said...

I heard the closet looks awesome! It always feels good when things "work."