Monday, November 19, 2007

My foot is feeling better...

So a swim in the pool Friday night and, probably more specifically, a dip in the spa afterwords, did wonders for my foot. It stopped hurting completely for a little while. Good sign. Saturday a.m. I went back to the gym (partly to retrieve my key-card which I left in my locker- not sure what the cost is to replace a lost ID) and did a 40 minute mystery workout. I say it was a mystery workout because I have no idea what the machine was. Kind of like an elliptical, but kind of not... You could control your "stride" and there was a little diagram of a man with highlighted muscle areas letting you know which particular muscles you were using. I found that I had to concentrate A LOT to do this machine. And it was a similar feeling in the legs as when you stand out of the saddle during a spin class. It was a good workout with no impact on the heel, but I don't know if I'll do it again. I really felt like if I became too engrossed in a music video on the TVs for a split second, I could dislocate my knee.

I've been wearing my gym shoes around the house more too, and stretching a few times a day. As Jamie reminded me, I need these feet for England!!

Studio update: we have a microwave! Love it. Did I mention this already? If I did it's just because I'm so excited! Simple pleasures.

And this morning has been interesting. Hopefully slightly entertaining to those who continue reading... Bad experience #1- took the computer 7 or 8 times to start. Not good. I think I'm going to have to make a trip to the mac store, as this has been happening lately, but never this bad. It's like it needs a new starter or spark plugs, if it was a car. Then I had to go to the bathroom which was bad experience #2. pun intended. Without too many details, the toilet was clogged (I blame the extra thick toilet paper) and the plunger must have come original with the building. Its plunging abilities were, on a scale from 0-5 with 5 being the most effortless beautiful plunging experience you can image, a big fat 0. Perhaps it was the age of its rubber material or perhaps I'm just a weakling, but I had to put ALL my weight on the thing to make it work. So I bruised my hand pretty nicely! Yes that's right- bruised my hand from plunging a toilet. I even tried to employ a small votive candle that was on the back of the toilet to protect my hand, but all that ended up doing was getting wax on the end of the plunger which was then transferred to my shirt after I gave up on the votive. It's a Monday I guess. Hopefully the rest of the day will go better!

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Butch said...

Sorry you had such a 'crappie' morning. Pun intended.