Monday, February 27, 2012

8 More and Not So Sore

Friday I managed a pretty decent run on the treadmill at lunch. It was a 1-mile warm-up and then I did intervals at certain speeds, with rest in between. It was my "let's practice running faster" time.

Saturday was karting for B-train's birthday...and my upper body is sore. And we only did one session!

Sunday, Casey and I ran 8. We did the same route as last weekend's 8...only this time we shaved a few seconds off the overall pace. I think I felt better this time too. And, most importantly, I'm not sore like I was last week. That is great news–means my muscles are actually adapting!

It's a gorgeous day out today. But I won't say I'll run tonight after work because I've already declared that to not work. Tomorrow is spinning and yoga. I do really want to run more during the weeks though. I'm not going to get anywhere running one day and one long run, even if I am spinning twice a week. I need to fit more running in, that is certain.

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