Monday, February 6, 2012

Breathe Right strips are amazing

Sunday, pre-Superbowl, we ran 6 miles again. This time, in hopes of being able to take some air in through my constantly stuffy nose, I wore a Breathe Right strip. Wow. Amazing. It was a strange sensation, but my nose was clear! I could breathe through it...and my voice changed. I didn't sound as – you guessed it: nasal.

During the run, I tried to consciously breathe in through my nose. And I did for a while. But the pace was a bit quick for me that day. We stopped at 3 miles to drop off our 4-legged running partner. I knew it would be hard for me to keep going at that pace. At almost 4, I had to slow down. Greg and Casey agreed to. Once my breathing was back in control, the rest of the run was a lot more enjoyable. By the end, I was giving it all I had, which unfortunately was still pretty slow.

Today I'm a bit sore, so that's good. I feel good about the progress so far!

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Stephanie Smith said...

wow, I typed in Breathe Right Strips on the internet, and your blog came up , and then I noticed we have the same name, wow, what a Cowinsidence, cant spell tonight, its late... anyways, just thought I would share that accurance.