Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Spinning Instructor is Pregnant!

Oh nooooo!!!

Thursday's instructor, whose class people were literally fighting about getting into at the front desk this morning, is preggers. She was really winded today and said she'd explain that later. So while we were cooling down she announced she is expecting her fourth child. FOURTH. Amazing and inspiring because this lady is fit as anything. But I'm also a bit selfishly sad because I am going to miss her while she's out. She is by far my favorite instructor. Maybe she'll still teach even while pregnant. I know you can still ride a bike for a while, having to adjust your lean for the belly. And, probably like running, you just have to watch your heart rate, which she trains by so I'm sure that would be no problem. Then maybe she'll just walk around and instruct from the floor if she is uncomfortable on the bike? I don't know. I would much rather that than not have her! Then she'll be on maternity leave....  Listen to me. It's ok. I'm sure the sub will be awesome.

So today was 1 mile run before class, 45 minute class, 2 miles after. I felt great! I basically just did a brick workout :) And that got me thinking about doing duathlons this year again... oh the possibilities.

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