Friday, February 10, 2012

A Ride Inside

Monday - rest and a night out with a couple of friends. I had intended to go home and lift.

Tuesday - spinning! Erin wasn't in the class. I really missed her!  Also the spin bikes have been moved into an arch, which I think is awesome. It felt more fun and now if you aren't in the front row you don't immediately have someone right "in your way". Or, if you're in the front row, you don't worry about your butt being right in someone's face ;)  I skipped yoga that night because my friend who I go to the class with was sick. No biggie.

Wednesday - I was going to run. I didn't at lunch. Then I didn't after work. Urban is in a very small lot, and they have "complimentary" valet at the 5:00 rush hour...but I just didn't feel like dealing with it! Isn't that horrible? Excuses excuses. I decided I'd rather run in the cold. But when I got home, I saw my bike and decided I'd rather ride! So I set my bike up on the trainer. It's been such a long time. I rode for 45 minutes while I watched a Glee episode. Picked it up during the huluplus commercials.

Thursday - I just couldn't get myself in the right place at the right time. All morning I was at the dentist getting a new front tooth. The temporary crown is on and horribly forward and sharp! The afternoon was a whirlwind. I should have lifted at least, but I was mopey.

Friday - I ran this morning about 3.3 miles. It was slow and I was tired. In the middle, I picked it up twice for .25 miles. That felt good.

Tomorrow is broomball and Sunday night is a broomball makeup game. I'm not sure what or where I'll be doing a long distance this weekend.

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Butch said...

Busy busy busy. Wore me out, I need a nap.