Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Broomball Update

So apparently, we've made it to the championship game!

It's kind of weird. There are games Mondays, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. And then there are games Saturday mornings - the day we are in. It looks like the Mon - Tues - Wed group is having playoffs this week. Whomever wins that...plays us Saturday morning. We just automatically get in. Kind of weird, but whatever - it's just fountain square broomball fun!

Last game I scored our only goal. Yea, go me! I'm hoping my allergies calm down by Saturday so I can give 100% broomball-i-ness! Day 2 of Allegra...nothing has changed yet.

Today I spinned. I thought maybe there would be Valentine's Day rock ballads, but thankfully there wasn't. It was a good class- a lot of hills. My hammies are killing me. I didn't run before class because they hurt so bad. I stretched and did some rolling on the foam roller. Tomorrow I'll run regardless though. Tonight is yoga - woohoo!

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Butch said...

Yea you guys and way to score.