Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Fun

Well, we lost our broomball championship game... awwww. But, it was a really fun game! The team we played was awesome. I'd say we were pretty evenly matched. They were friendly, but competitive, just like us. It was a great game to end on, and we did really well this season!

Sunday I ran 8 miles and it went really well! Instead of huffing at a pace slightly too fast for me, we ran at a pushed pace where I still had to take breaks here a couple of times, but I was still able to talk for a lot of it. It got so cold while we were out there! It was late in the afternoon and the sun was fading and wind picked up. I've never been cold on a run before...there's always the acknowledgement of the cold of course. But it was an odd sensation this time that I was running and cold all at the same time. :)

Today I am sore! I was sore from broomball - sides, shoulders, a bruised knee. And now I am sore from the run. My feet hurt, which is kind of different. I might need new shoes soon.

This coming weekend I think we're planning to do 8 again, then we'll do 10. And then the following week will be 6 at a quick pace. And's race weekend!

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