Tuesday, June 29, 2010

40 miles!

Monday's group ride was awesome. I laughed, I cried, I sang. OK not really. I did laugh a bunch and smiled nearly the entire time. Glen and Rich are great. They are entertaining, easy-going, laid back people, at least on these rides. The time with them is both challenging and comfortable at the same time.

I rode my bike from the studio so I didn't have to load it onto my car again, 3 miles on Riverside to the shop. I went in the store and Rich hooked me up with some chews. I had a gel with me, but the chews sounded great. After Glen got there, we went out to the main road, full of rush-hour drivers, to get to the trail. It was a fun game of sprinting and playing in traffic as usual. We rode pretty easy up to South Lebanon and then got on the roads. Glen lead us at about 21 mph in a windy pace line that was awesome. Then, instead of getting back on the trail at Morgan's Canoe Livery, we took a different road that was quick rolling hills, or moguls as Glen likes to call them. Then we got back to the trail, and after a quick break headed south. I followed behind the two of them as they chatted. After refilling water bottles in Morrow, I decided I was going to get in front of them. They could chat behind me and I wouldn't have all of the debris kicked up on me. The trail was a mess from the previous night's storms. We were constantly running over twigs, branches, lumps of debris...and most of it was being kicked up in my direction. Rich came up beside me, leaving Glen in the rear. But it wasn't long before he came up on Rich's left and made a comment about how I must have had enough of the debris in my face. So we actually rode 3 abreast for a few miles which was fun. After another stop sign, we regrouped and Glen lead us again around 20 mph in a pace line. I was struggling to hang on at this point - over 30 miles done...I was feeling it. Soon after that, we came into Loveland and I left them at Riverside going back to my car at my studio. I spun through the neighborhood to try to flush my legs a little bit. After getting off my bike I walked a little too. My legs hurt as soon as I stop. They hurt so bad by the time I got home. I rubbed them and downed 3 advil. By the time I was done showering, they had stopped hurting. But wow-- they ache soooo badly when I stop. This happens each time. Not sure if maybe I just need to get used to it or if I can cool down better to help alleviate.

Anyway, it was 40 miles total!!  :)  This is the farthest I've ridden. And it had a good amount of speedy pickups in it too. Caesar Creek is hilly...I would like to get some hill work in prior to that race. Looking to spinning class to help with that on Friday.

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