Monday, June 21, 2010


I probably do this too much on this blog, but I'm again trying to think out loud about what I want to do this season. Now back from vacation and with one duathlon done, it's time for some evaluation and training commitment. I think I've come to the decision that I don't want to do a fall marathon as I originally had planned. I think. Though I just had a conversation with Christen about Shaun's race this past weekend which made me want to do it again - argh! But I'm really having fun getting faster and thinking in a "sprint" mindset - be it 5Ks or duathlons. If I was going to do Columbus again this year, I would need to start training now. But I don't want to just focus on chugging though long distances right now. I could definitely see doing the Pig next spring though; train through the winter, take my time at is (because it is going to be a lot harder than flatsville Columbus).

Ok yes, this conversation with myself seems to be working... you're such a good listener, Blog.

So the next question is, do I want to try a triathlon? That means I'd have to join up at the community center and start trying to swim again. I've been wanting to do spinning again anyway, so that would be another reason to get a few more months in at the gym. Hmmm...

Some duathlons or triathlons  I could do:
July 11th - Caesar's Creek
July 18th - Fit to Fight (in my backyard practically)
July 25th - downtown Cincinnati
Aug 2nd - East Fork

I need redemption for Caesar's Creek. Last time I was there it was DNF. The Fit to Fight is really close to home. The Cincinnati one sounds fun and is downtown which is always fun. East Fork? Well it's beautiful out there...

Aside from those, I'd like to sprinkle some fun 5Ks in there and see about lowering my time! :) Those don't take too much planning thankfully.

Arrgh decisions! One thing I do know is I need to start tracking everything again. I need consistency.


KimZepp said...

I'll be doing the triathlon at Caesar Creek! Let me know if you sign up!
With all of the racing options, I have a difficult time deciding, too. I'm not sure what my goal will be for next year... A full ironman?, a whole marathon?, go for speed in sprint tris?, do more Oly tris? I can't decide? :-)

Steph said...

Oooh Kim - there's even more reason to do Caesar's Creek! :) I will let you know for sure when I've registered. All your possible goals sound fun too!!