Saturday, June 19, 2010


This morning's run is brought to you by the letter S.
Soggy, sopping, soaking, steady, squishy...

(and thanks, Sesame Street, for that whole "brought to you by the letter..." thing)

There is just something fun about running in the rain. Maybe it's because you usually try to stay out of the rain, but then when you do surrender to it, you realize it's fine and maybe even a little freeing. My run this morning was 4 miles in a wonderful little storm. When I started out it was just a light rain. By the time I was at the end of the street, I was soaked. I batted water out of my eyes as I enjoyed the thunder rumbles. It was cool and invigorating. I ran through Landen and did my best to avoid puddles. Sometimes they spanned the entire path, so I just ran through them. My shoes were soon squishy.

I felt really good in the beginning of the run, but lost steam towards the end. :(  After I finished, I brought my soggy body into the house, getting water everywhere. I left my sopping clothes in the laundry room and then got into more water in the shower.

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