Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A quick thought on my recent training...

So this week I'm doing well with training. I'm pushing since next week I'll have to taper a little for the duathlon. It's made me think about how hard I train/work in general. In the past, it just hasn't been very hard at all. I think that I thought I was doing what I should, but I have gotten to know my body a little better and have discovered that's not quite true. I've also discovered (not really a new discovery, more a reminder) that it's so much easier to push myself with other people around. It would have been difficult to push the way we did on the bikes Monday night, probably mostly because I would have just been a little bored. Same goes for running. Motivation is priceless. 

I hope after the du to keep this level up and see what can happen.

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