Thursday, June 17, 2010


Easing my way into the days in muggy and not-near-the-ocean Cincinnati has been a bit challenging. The first night I awoke confused that I was hearing rain and not the ocean hitting the beach rocks. Each morning I have woken up at 4 or 5 a.m. wide awake, which is fine by me. But regretfully, I didn't get to then stroll out of my room to watch a beach sunrise. I also miss the surprisingly intimate confines of being on an island large enough to allow for a fun trip across it on scooter, but small enough to feel like I could have gotten to know the piece of land well after another week.

I have been eager to run again, as a comfort to my end-of-vacation woes. Monday I rested. It was difficult just to make it through half a day of work. Tuesday night we rebooted our Track Nights. Greg, Roman and I met at 6 in 90ยบ heat. I warmed up slowly for a mile, then began running 200 repeats at about 50 seconds each. I was pretty tired after 3, but managed to do the next 3 at the same pace. My cool down mile was slow. I could have gone to bed right then. Wednesday morning I was wide awake for a nice, early morning 3.5 mile run in cool but sticky air. It definitely helped me feel happy to be back to my running life that I love.

This weekend I might try to get to Rowe Woods and see about running on trails there.

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