Friday, June 25, 2010

Coon Dogs

Last night the dogs were going crazy in the back yard, barking barking barking. They do this when they meet the neighbor dog through the fence. I imagine the conversation usually goes something like this:

Harley: "Oh high, fuzzball, how's your tiny little yard doing? You poop on top of your poop yet?"
Neighbor dog: "Whatever, Miss Hair's-So-Long-You-Can't-See. Why don't you go try to catch a ball...and fail...because you can't see!"
Dexter: "Hi!!!!!!!"

However, last night it wasn't a conversation between them and the neighbor dog. I couldn't get them to stop barking from the dining room window, so I went outside to yell at them. As I approached, I heard another noise - that of a raccoon snarling - and realized what was going on. The dogs were between the fence and a pile of large branches (where the raccoon was hiding) completely oblivious to me and my cries for them to stop. I was barefoot and tried to start making my way across the wood, trying to find a stick to pick up and whap them with to get their attention. But I wasn't fast enough. The raccoon became in reach and it was over pretty quick. Dexter had the back and Harley had the front - so cute, like they had a stuffed animal! Not really. It was disgusting. The barking stopped as each dogs mouth was around the raccoon. I think Harley did the largest damage with the head/neck. She viciously shook it. Finally they dropped it. Dexter's face was changed. Harley kept circling around trying to get at it again, but I finally got them both into the house.

When they came in the house, they were absolutely exhausted but wagging their tails. Both collapsed on the kitchen floor, completely satisfied. I've never seen Dexter look so utterly satisfied. It made his day! 

Clean up consisted of Greg getting underneath the little guy with a hoe and shoving it up onto my shovel. Then I carried it back to the way back near the creek, our critter graveyard. Poor little thing was kind of cute. 

So now Harley has added a critter to her kill list: Birds, mole, rabbit, snake and now raccoon. I give Dexter the assist.

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Butch said...

Nothing like a short hairy coon dog. Good thing Harley had her eyes cleared for vision, otherwise she would be the one with the assist and Dexter might have had the Ace.

You need to put stickers of the kills on her dog dish.