Wednesday, January 20, 2010

12 Week Swim Plan

Online I found a swim build plan that allows someone like me, who can only swim about 50 yards before having to rest, to be able to eventually swim 1500 yards straight. It's a 12 week plan, but I'm more concerned with just being able to do it, making progress along the way no matter how long it takes.

Tuesday I gave it a shot. I did 50 yards x 12 with only 20 seconds rest in between. I did the first 6 with the 20 seconds, but then the last 6 I was really winded so I rested 30 seconds in between. Might need to do this one a few times. I don't know if I'm swimming too fast or what. I was going faster than other people in other lanes, but it was really difficult to slow down. I felt like I was trying to swim in slow motion if I went any slower. I'm pretty certain the last few were unsightly. Wish I had someone that could watch me and tell me how much I'm floundering.

All in all, it was pretty rough. But it went by really fast. I also added kicks, maybe 200 yards of them? I am planning to go again Thursday and do the same workout. 

I went to the pool during lunch, which proved to be a crowded time. And the swimsuit spin-dryer is out of order. So the rest of the day, I had my suit and towel kind of airing out in the back seat of my car, making my car smell like it too had done some laps.

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