Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today during my lunch break I queued up a movie on Netflix and rode on the trainer for about 50 minutes. Great idea, but I need to pick a better movie to ride to next time. I watched Tuvalu. It is an art film, and while it was captivating, it wasn't very good to ride to.

It is very stylized and this cover makes it look even better than it was. That's not a scene from the movie though. Different parts of the movie are black and white, or sepia toned, or blue, or green or red. Never in full  color that I remember. And they sped up the film to kind of mimic old silent films for most of it, which was kind of interesting. There was barely any dialogue, just a lot of pointing and grunting or laughing. The whole thing kind of leaves my face screwed up in puzzlement. That is what I love about Netflix though–never would have seen this movie otherwise.

The ride was fine but I'm still sore from recent activities. Tomorrow morning is another 5:50 spin class at the community center (continuing my perfect Wednesday attendance streak of 1), and then later in the day the PT appointment–can't wait to see what they say.

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