Monday, January 25, 2010


I found a new gym activity to be very, very fun this evening. The elliptical! I'm not a fan of exercise machines, but have now experienced them from a delightful improvement... just add music.

I set up a Disturbed / Queens of the Stone Age station on Pandora (I love Pandora), took my phone in with me which has the Pandora app, and started listening to some kick-ass music. Along with Disturbed and Queens of the Stone Age songs that came through, there was Tool, White Stripes and others that I can't remember. Unfortunately I lost the list of songs I listened to during the workout. I paused Pandora and thought that it would keep the songs up there, but I guess it timed out. More than anything I wanted to know so I can hunt for the ones I liked and start making a playlist.

It was great. I can totally see looking forward to going to the gym knowing I'm going to get to zone out to some awesome music for a while. It is a nice alternative while I am taking off time from running.

As far as the actual workout was... it was great, but I'm still learning the elliptical. I went 50 minutes and varied my pace according to the songs, which kept it interesting.

Here's my attempt at taking a picture while on the elliptical...

And here's what I had for dinner afterwords- yum! Some olives from the olive bar at Kroger, cheese, tomatoes, and a mixture of sundried tomatoes, butter beans and mozzarella. Tasty.

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Butch said...

Wow, how you taste buds have changed.