Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Spinning Class of the New Year

I am making it my mission to attend the Wednesday morning spinning class at the community center each week. This morning's was the first of the year, so I have perfect attendance so far!

One issue with the class is it the fact that it is held before I am awake. This means I have to use my alarm and drag myself out of bed. I am a morning person, just not a 5 a.m. morning person. See Figure 1 for proof.

Figure 1. Me at 5:15 a.m. Ahhhhh! It lives!!!!!!

The class was great, but I haven't done anything for some time, so I felt it. And I'll probably feel it even more tomorrow. I also got there later than necessary, since now it is the new year and everyone is trying to start it off with exercising. And good for them; let me make it clear that while I joke about how it's annoying that the gym gets crowded with all the Resolutionists, I am by no means truly upset. I think it's great! There was a girl in the class, however, who was really annoyed, talking about how she had to wait for a treadmill the other day. (I mean, the gall of these other people thinking they can work out!!) She glared at me a few times, perhaps because she didn't recognize me from 2009's few classes I attended. Well, I didn't recognize her either, so hmph!

Tomorrow we are supposed to get a decent amount of snow (for Cincy). I wish I had cross country skis. I've always wanted to try that.


KimZepp said...

Good for you - getting up early to spin! :-)
You should do a search of the area / parks to see if anyone rents cross country skis.
There's a place here in the Cuyahoga Valley that rents them for about $15 for the day or $7 for about 4 hours. They also rent snowshoes. I might try that out next weekend. A friend said it's a great workout.

Anonymous said...

We have them still I think (x-country skis). Feel free to come down and try them out.


Anonymous said...

oh yes, I remember that look many mornings when it was time to go to school. If you're a morning person now, you've changed. I just remember no one could talk to you in the a.m.

Butch said...

With a face like that in the early hrs. of the morning I would think strangers would not glare at you. Good thing I know you better.

Oh, by the way, when did you become a morning person? "Stef, get up, time to go to school". Roll over, pull the covers up and get buried out of sight.