Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Very Full Class

Tonight I took the Total Bodies class at the gym, which is an awesome class. This is an hour long strength class that focuses on arms, legs and back using an exercise ball, two sets of weights, a step and a band. It's complicated! This is the first one I've been to since the new year and it was packed! So packed there wasn't enough equipment.

I don't mind these kinds of classes - she works us pretty hard and I just wouldn't do the routines at home. So it's very beneficial and I should go more regularly. What is so enjoyable about these classes is seeing everyone in them. I'm not making fun, I'm just soooo entertained! Getting a bunch of humans together, all facing one direction, moving our bodies in odd repetitive ways that simply aren't part of the day's natural movements just cracks me up. There are uncoordinated people, people who add their own flare into whatever it is we're doing, odd outfits, and way too many butts in the face (especially when the class is as crowded as it was last night). Oh it's just so funny! I can't help but to smile sometimes...

And then I guess I become "weird smiling girl in the back" :)

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