Friday, January 15, 2010

The Exercises and First Swim in a While

So this is what I did last night:

10 opposite arm/leg while on all fours (held 5 seconds each). 2 times.
5 bridges with leg extensions (held 5 seconds - this really gets my hamstrings). 2 times.
10 x opposite arm/leg while on stomach (held 5 seconds each). 2 times.
Planks (AWFUL). 5 planks each side (held 5 seconds each).

That was only one page of the exercises. These really need pictures to fully understand. Coming in a future post.

This morning I got up somewhat early (ok not really) and went to the pool to swim. It was a great time to go - 8:00. No one was there. It was just me and some old ladies walking the lazy river. Then around 8:30 all of the lanes filled up. I offered to share mine to a woman, but she preferred to stay just outside the lane area.

I warmed up a little. It felt great to be in the water again. I started with 300 yards freestyle, working on the breathing and reaching. I took 45 second breaks every 50. I was winded! Then I did about 150 yards of kicks. Then back to freestyle for another 300 yards. And finished with 150 yards of kicks. So I guess it was about 900 yards total. But I might be overestimating the kick yardage. It is so easy to lose track!

I am looking forward to swimming getting easier.

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