Sunday, January 24, 2010

(There's a) Party In My Tummy - Season 2

We're playing broomball again this winter. This time it's with the Fountain Square League. We play on the small ice rink they have set up, so it's nothing like last year's Cincinnati Broomball Association where we played on an actual hockey rink. This way is a little more fun and goofy, though we still really really want to win (and haven't yet).

For Game #3 we got our shirts which are awesome. I'm certain we will start winning games now that we have this awesome shirt advantage.

Eye black makes us much more intimidating. Grrrrr.

A view of the rink during the break. It isn't cleaned for us so it's not really slippery at all. In fact it's difficult to try to slide.

Greg and me in helmets and P.I.M.T. shirts.

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