Thursday, January 21, 2010


Wednesday morning's spinning class was all about hills. We did hills while seated, hills standing in position 1 and hills standing in position 3. Our flats were long (about 3 minutes) so it was nice to know there would be decent recovery between each set. I was awake and ready to focus, but mid-way through, I lost a bunch of energy. I couldn't keep up with the beat of the song and just kind of plodded along, letting my own weight do the work for me. However, after the recovery on that set, I was ready again and had a good finish.

There was a guy who apparently is an instructor somewhere else who was fun to have in the class. He yelled a few times and really got into the music. It was nice to see someone alive and animated. The rest of us were just more like sweating, panting robots.

I get to the class pretty early (been the first one the last two times). Today I thought I'd take some quick pictures of the bikes. Bike 31, that was mine with the bright orange towel that was soaked by the end of class. I also went through my entire bottle of water - first time I've done that!

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Casey said...

Yep. These are the same bikes that we use in my class. The same bike where I have a hard time finding a comfortable placement for my hands.

Sometimes you just need a longer rest period between the hills to get your strength back. I know that feeling.

#31 huh? Are there more than 30 bikes in your class? We only have 11 bikes in my class, including the instructor.