Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spinning (Hills x 4!)

This morning's spinning class was brutal! We did 4 sets of a 12 minute build where we went through a series of hill stuff. See the progress below, picture-book style with silly diagrams to help explain the spinning terms for those who've never spun.

We started off in a flat... la de dah...

Then added lifts to that: pedal for a few strokes...then keep pedaling while standing in position 1 for a few strokes...then keep pedaling while smoothly sitting your butt back on the saddle.

Then we added resistance to go up a hill and sprinted part of that.

Then we stayed on the hill in position one, sprinting at the end.

Then we stayed on the hill at position 3 for a few minutes, sprinting the end. Ug.

Then we went down in the saddle and did lifts and sprinted the end of that before we could be done with the whole thing and rest.

And then we did it 3 more times.

The first rest was 1 minute, the 2nd 45 seconds, the 3rd 30 seconds. BRUTAL. And adding to that, during the rest you could do 25 pushups! I opted not to since I can barely do 5 pushups. The fourth set killed me. I'm glad she kept saying things like "this is it and then you're done!"

It was awesome.

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