Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Rainy Monday

It is not looking promising for a group ride tonight since it is raining. :( Not sure what I'll do instead. I suppose a run in the rain will have to suffice.

Sunday afternoon I weeded while Dad and Greg worked on re-establishing the electricity in our house after something got loose somewhere. My mom helped, which was great! We got a lot more done than just I could have. The right bed is cleared and ready for some weed killer and mulch, once it stops raining. We began on the left side, but there's a lot more to tackle yet. Hopefully I'll get to work on it little by little this week. The reason I'm even mentioning all of this is because my hamstrings are really really sore! This happens every time I weed. It is the position I put myself in, bending over and suspending my body in an angle such that there is apparently a good amount of pull on the hammies. So, some inadvertent strength cross-training I guess! :)

I am officially registered for the Tri for Joe on the 29th. I'm really excited! Not sure I can beat my old best time there, unless I am surprisingly fast on the bike, but I hope I do well. I am a little worried about endurance. I don't feel like I've had long enough workouts to sustain a race level effort for a couple of hours.

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