Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ode to Bananas

This is for Christen. It's our first day together. And for breakfast, we both had...


It's what we both had
for breakfast this morn'.
If you going to the Austin City Limits Music Festival this year
You'll see Pete Yorn.

My banana was good,
Even with all of its brown spots.
This pushed my ripeness tolerance;
It was nearing the rots.

Though some would disagree,
I whole heartedly feel
The best banana has
A pristine yellow peel.

Those with the brownness
Are reserved for bread,
Or frying in a pan to make
Bananas Foster instead.

But it doesn't matter:
We both had the fruit
For our first day together
At Fill Creative. Woot!!!

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Erin said...

My Zippo is lit for an encore!