Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Three Days in a Row!

...of exercise - woot!

This morning Casey and I set out on our run with the intentions of stepping it up a notch, since we have both discovered that we can run faster than we have been, and to try to gain some speed for upcoming 5Ks. I took off a little fast, but we soon settled into a nice 9:26ish pace. I wore my GPS so we could monitor our pace. Turns out our route was only 2.7, not 3.1 that we thought it was going to be. But we held the pace the entire time, so that is still good.

It was pretty rough for me. I am not sure if it is the fact that I've ran two days prior and I'm a little tired, or if it's just me sucking. I couldn't talk much. I thought about how I felt a lot, especially the last mile. I was trying to focus the best I could and not get mad - happens sometimes :)

It was really a great run because I need to do this more. When I used to run with Lynn back in the day, she always pushed me (while not even trying) because she was just a faster pace, so I ran faster. And I got faster/stronger from running with her. If Casey and I keep doing these 3 - 4 mile runs at a quicker pace, I'm certain I will become more used to the pace and a 9:30 pace will become what is now a 10:00 and so on. And that makes me happy!!! I'll still be doing track workouts, which also helps greatly. The longer runs need to start happening, and those will be slow and relaxing. The shorter runs are going to be work, but the pay-off is so rewarding.

I'm curious about my breathing. That is definitely what holds me back while running. I just can't get enough air and I wheeze a little on the exhale. I can't breathe through my nose right now, so I feel like a fish gasping for oxygen through my big open mouth. It's inefficient.
Now it is raining and the skies are a little bit dark. Occasionally the wind blows drops onto the porch roof outside my window. It sounds as if a bunch of acorns are being spilled onto it. They must be large raindrops from the trees. I wish I could take a little nap...


Rachel said...

Sounds like you're on a roll!

Butch said...

I like the nap idea, especially on a rainy day.