Monday, May 31, 2010

Tri for Joe Duathlon - race results

I came in 4th out of 4 in my age group ;)

Overall I was 58th out of 89.

Here are the times. Unfortunately (and annoyingly) they didn't break out the transition times. I have no idea why...there were mats. ?!?!  So my first run is right. Then my bike had my T1 time included in it. Then my last run had my T2 time included in it. I can figure out my T2 time because I know my second run time. I'll just add a few more seconds on to T1's time (because coming in from the run to the bike is a little slower for me) and we'll call it official:

Run 1:  26:36  |  65th rank  |   8:35 pace - - - FASTEST 5K I'VE EVER DONE!!!!!
T1: 2:00 (educated guess)
Bike: 38:49  |   48th rank  |   19 mph - - - PR ON THE BIKE!!!!
T2: 1:49
Run 2: 29:24   |   61st rank   |   9:29 pace


I beat my 2006 first run a LOT! I'm really happy about that! And I went faster on the bike, though it was shorter distance. Last run was slower, but only by 15 seconds per mile. So overall, I'm really happy, looking forward to more races this season and getting faster!!

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Butch said...

Congrats to you. Now, stay healthy for the rest of the season and you will beat all your old records.