Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Running in the Morning = Two Thumbs Up

This morning's run was very nice - perfect weather while in the shade. It wasn't humid, the skies were clear, there was a slight breeze that played around us. It was one of those desired mornings for a longer run. Good stuff. Overall we went 3.3 miles at about a 9:50 pace. I felt really good. On a side note, I am pretty certain that biking helps my running out a lot. However, my knees have always hurt from biking, so I'm hoping to keep that in check. They never hurt from running, aside from the IT band mishap and the expected achiness after a 14 + miler.

Anyway, I remembered again this morning how much I love running in the mornings. Even though it may take my mind a little time to feel awake, a morning run really gets me going, and keeps me going for most of the day.

This day is crazy busy. So I'm glad I got to exercise already, because I can tell this is going to end up being the type of day where when five o'clock rolls around, I'd rather hit a glass of wine than the pavement. I'm glued to my computer and am thinking about 10 different things at once. One of those thoughts is only three more days until I'm not a solo gig anymore and holy crap can I not wait! (Which reminds me, I'm due an Ode to Bananas here soon.)

Tonight is kickball, so that will be fun to release some energy at the end of the day. And then have a beer later. Or during. Oops, I didn't put the nasty beer in the fridge. Hopefully no one is counting on it for hydration tonight.

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