Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Breezy Afternoon

Sometimes when I get overwhelmed or stressed, I find an odd comfort in making plans. Schedules, plans, goals – anything like that.

So today I've been trying hard to NOT spend all my time trying to plan out the rest of spring, summer and fall with race plans, goals and the like. But it's hard not to. I suppose it's kind of my happy place. Talking about duathlons and triathlons last night got me thinking about the Tri for Joe again. I've got 3 more weeks (plus one easy/taper-ish week) of training for it, so they have got to be good days. Quality running and more biking. This weekend I have to get in a brick workout.

Anyway, loose plans...

5K this weekend: Girls on the Run. Should be interesting. Obviously not doing this for time, but helping out.
May 29: Tri for Joe. Really excited about it. Hope the weather is good. Wish I knew other people doing it. I get jealous reading others' blogs where they have a bunch of supporters and friends in the sport :)
June 4-June 13: relaxing in Greece. I do hope to run while there though. I can imagine that running around the island will be fantastic.
After Greece: Start training for Columbus. While also training for more duathlons. That's right, I'm just going to be endurance girl.
July 11: Caesar's Creek Duathlon or July 17: Fit to Fight Duathlon/Triathlon. Not sure which one yet.
August 29: Hueston Woods Duathlon. Wanted to do this last year...sounds fun.
October 17: Columbus Marathon. Shave time off last year?
Other stuff. Interspersed weekend 5Ks here and there. Because they're quick and fun! See if Casey will do one/some.

So again, loose plans. I don't know if I'll do all of these events, if they interfere with other plans for the summer, or if I'll exchange some with others. Having started biking more already this season than I ever have in years past, I'm really discovering I love it. And I love doing duathlons. So I'm really excited to do more of those this year.

That is all. Loose plans. I feel a little better now - just like thinking about it.


Butch said...

Plans are like rules, make 'em and break 'em. One must just try to follow a plan and hopefully it will work.

Good luck.

Casey said...

A 5K is easily doable. Do we have a time goal? Also, as long as my body is in agreement, I might consider longer distance races as well. 10k maybe, or 15 perhaps. As long as it's not 100 degree in Greece, I would be interested in running. I bet there are others there too that might join us. Remember, pretty much all of us are running/working out right now. :)

Steph said...

Yay for 5Ks! Time goal... I know i have one... We should discuss. And 10K! Woot!!! Oh man, when you start doing runs of about an hour, really good things start happening :)

I was thinking, if we start doing some runs on the weekend, those would be the ones to use to start increasing distance. More time, no rushing to get to work.

I can't wait to run in Greece. It will be the STSHWGR! (Sarah Thielman Shawn Hesse Wedding Group Run!)

Butch said...

You better start watching the news about Greece. Hope that they get things straightened out. Several deaths today, inside a bank because of a fire that was sent. Rioting in the streets today. It's all about their failing economy.

On the bright side, if there is one, your dollar might go further.

Watch the news.