Monday, May 17, 2010

A Nice Run and a New Tire

Tonight after work I went on a nice "easy" 3 mile run. Except that "easy" was what was kind of difficult last Wednesday. So funny, the body, picking and choosing how it's going to react to what I subject it to. I wanted to go slowly because my hamstrings are really sore from weeding. I felt them as I ran. Each pound of the pavement shook them and made them hurt in that good hurt way. They were just there, I was aware of them. I started out at a 10 minute pace, but somehow got it down to 9:26 without meaning to. My breathing was smooth. And the biggest thing I noticed was my stride was smooth. I felt like I was running, not scooting along. It was great!

I did a route I often do from the house, taking me into Landen through the goose poop mine fields. I think I dodged them successfully, but took my shoes off right away when I got back just in case I didn't. I passed a group of people at a house that were either getting back from or leaving for a vacation. Most of them had hawaiian-looking / Tommy Bahama-looking shirts on. They were all standing around an "Airport Charter" white van with tinted windows. It was a van that desired to be a limousine. After I turned around and came back, they were still all standing around as I passed them the second time. It made me start to think about the upcoming trip to Greece and traveling in general. The long list of travel ideas I have tucked back in my brain started scrolling through my head, and before I knew it I was back in my own neighborhood.

Earlier, after work, I went down to the bike shop to see if Rich and Glen were going to go for a ride, and also to buy a new tire. They weren't because it seemed like it was going to rain. I talked with Rich for a bit about his 4-day 400 mile ride. He did it all and they had a great time! He had glove tan lines and of course bike shorts tan lines. The glove lines were funny. He said it was pretty windy for many of the miles, and a cross wind left them unable to even get into a successful pace line. He helped me pick out a tire. It was kind of expensive, but an upgrade from what I had before. More grippy and perhaps more puncture-resistant. It has Vectran for the puncture resistance, which is something like Kevlar. He gave me the 10% discount for doing the shop rides, and I was on my way. Hope to get the tire on tonight so I can do a brick ride-run tomorrow.

I think it's called Grand Prix 4000 because it's good for 4000 miles. 4000 miles!!

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