Monday, May 3, 2010


Ode to Cuties

You're easy to peel
And fun to eat.
After opening you up
The room smells sweet.

Sometimes your skin
Comes off in one peel,
Other times in small pieces
Making a difficult meal.

This morning I ate three of you.
Two of you were good.
I'd like some more consistency please
From my cutie food.

I'm busy, really I am.


Casey said...

BRAVO! No truer words have been spoken about the delicious tangerine.

Christen said...

Oh how I love your poetry.
It really warms my heart.
It will have to happen everyday,
once we give this business a start.

We'll throw out some rhymes about blinds,
Or maybe we can write about lunch.
But whatever the stanzas may say,
bananas will still come in a bunch.

Bananas provide good writing material.
And I expect to read a poem,
About bananas on your blog,
As soon as you get home.

(Just kidding - I had to work the bananas in some how :) )
4 more days and counting!!

Butch said...

Oh boy, I can see why the two of you will get along so well

Bananas and cuties are both a treat

With the two of you writing about them, they must be a sweet treat

Now there's something I haven't attempted in over 40 years. Now I know why.