Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Change of Workout Plans

Today I had planned to do a second brick workout. Greg and I stayed up late after he got home late, putting my new tire on my bike and putting my bike back together so that I could ride tonight. And, by the way, I did manage to get the tire on this time. Greg does have a little bit of a different technique in putting a new tube and tire together on the wheel, and I found it to be much easier. The whole process is still a pretty big pain in the butt, but I think that next time if I was out by myself and got a flat, I could do it, so that's good.

Anyway, I'm pooped today. Completely drained. I took an HOUR nap... ug. The thought of running fast at the moment sounds pretty near impossible. It's just one of those times. I am pretty certain I have low iron. I know the feeling and this is the feeling. So, no big deal. Just time to start taking the supplements again! No point in trying to get through a really difficult workout and doing it poorly, so I'll do it Thursday instead. I might try to lift and do some core work tonight. It doesn't help that it's so gloomy out, geesh. Come on sunshine! This weekend looks like it's going to be beautiful...and maybe a little warm for the 5K on Sunday!

In other news, I went to a new allergist today. It was just the initial consultation and was pretty simple. I breathed into a couple of different things and those tests show my lungs to be normal, which I was curious about. I feel like I have no lung capacity, but the numbers proved I'm average. I think it's just my allergies. I had marked on my paperwork a note about wheezing that happens while I run on the exhale. So they are making me try an inhaler that I would use before I go out for a run. Half hour prior, I do one puff. Then 5 minutes after that I do another. That is supposed to help the irritation from the environment. I also got a nasal spray, which I've used before. We'll see if it helps me sleep at night better and not wake up sounding like I have a full blown cold every day. And I got a prescription for an EpiPen since I've  had a systemic reaction to almonds. Not really worried about it, but I guess they have to provide you with this stuff. I go back in two weeks for the oh so fun 2 hour back prick and arm tests. Then I'll start shots again...and hopefully, eventually, not be so miserable all day! Woohoo!

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